Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel – Hotel in the center of Kharkov

Travel is an essential part of our life. Numerous moving to other cities and countries always affect human health. So it is very important to find the right place that will satisfy all our needs. There are always some of the most important factors influencing the choice of the person. Kharkov ­is a city of all kinds of offers and a variety of places! But even here, choose the best hotel it is not so easy. Can help advice, reviews, advertising, but as long as yourself do not try ­ you will not understand the quality of services offered. But You can find a few hotels which can impress even the most exacting visitors.

The new hotel was opened in May 2016. It is situated in the geographical city centre of the Kharkov. You will not stay away of the ­ “Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel” This is the jewel of style with a unique design and a highly classified service in the 4­star tradition. At the same time, guests will be able to feel the comfort of home and hospitality.

This hotel is located in Kharkov in the heart of the city, which means that all the major attractions within walking distance. In addition to full benefits staying in our hotel, you will be able to see the variety of attractions of our city. Arriving in Kharkov next time we hope that You will stay again in our amazing Hotel.

The best choice for business travelers hotels in Kharkiv

In Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel you can carry out your business trips with comfort. We always taken care of business people, providing everything that is necessary for business: free WI­FI in rooms and guest zones, transfer services, reference information and assistance in dealing with some issues.

Among the Kharkiv’s hotels, boutique hotel “Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel”, one of the few which can provide VIP­services for a moderate fee. If you want to feel luxury comfort in combination with high-quality service, choose our hotel.

Visit Mirax Sapphire Boutique Hotel and it will become one more pleasant moment of your travel or a working trip to Kharkiv.

The unique design and homey atmosphere

10 rooms of boutique hotel “Mirax Sapphire” are always ready to welcome our guests. The mini­hotel offers such categories of rooms: Suite, Junior suite, Superior and Standard. Each room is individually designed that will allow to satisfy any wishes and tastes of guests. The furniture here not simple too – it was specially made for boutique hotel, from natural materials only. Thus, each of the rooms provides a full range of everything necessary for the most comfortable stay. Convenient large beds, shower cabin or bathtub for your choice, high­quality materials in interior finishing and the fine details creating the unique, uncommon and at the same time cozy and homely atmosphere.